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The philosophy of education has many facets. In main, it includes integration of the child with his/her own self as well as with the environment and drawing out one’s potentialities. The school is determined to strive to accomplish both. To this end all tools of education, modern and traditional, are deployed in a scientific way to assist the student in developing physically, mentally and spiritually. The importance of the play field in personality development reverberates with Churchill’s assertion that “The Battle of Britain was won in the play grounds of Eton and Harrow.”

The school started yielding heartening results from the very inception, and it is destined to achieve the highest excellence in academics, sports and personality development.

English language is taught intensively and comprehensively. Grammar, pronunciation and composition form the pillars of any language. Pronunciation is the most important aspect of the spoken English.
We ensure that each word learnt by the student is also correctly pronounced according to the international standard. Syllables and stresses, accentuation and intonation are explained to the students in detail.

A great deal of emphasis is put on Moral Science which is highly edifying and helpful in creating an atmosphere of perfect communal concord and social harmony.

The School was established in April 2000. It is run by Elegant Minority Welfare Society; registered permanently in Bihar under the Society Registration Act 21, 1860. The School has NOC from Bihar Government and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education with affiliation number 330138 being regular. It is renewed every 5 years. Affiliation extension expires in March 2019. The area of the school campus is 1.44 acres(approx.) ; Total built up area 3565 sq.mt; Playground area 2458 sq.mt. It has a dance room, music room, medical and health checkup as well.
Class I to V monthly fees is Rs.2310; Class VI to VIII monthly fees Rs.2310; Class IX to X monthly fees Rs. 2820; Term fees from Class I to X is Rs.1090 Total 23 sections for Class I to X ; Class IX-X - 7 sections; Class VI-VIII -9 sections ; Class I-V - 7 sections

Academic session starts from 1st April of the calendar year to March next calendar year. Summer vacation begins from 13th May to 22nd June and Winter vacation from 25th December to 14th January

Admission period – 1st February to 25th March
School Chairman – Ishteyaque Ahmad, Katari Hill Road, Gaya
email : elegantpublicschool.gaya@gmail.com
Telephone no. : 0631-2220426
fax : 06312221051

School Managing Committee

S.No. Member's name Father's/Spouse name Address Designation in SMC Work Status Home no. Work no.
1 Debasis Bhattacharya Amal Kumar Bhattacharya Katari Hill Road, Gaya Secretary Principal of Elegant Public School 9801777763 6312221051
2 Sangita Devi Ashok Ram Imalya Chak, Gaya Member Mother of Student 7277127786 7277127786
3 Asif Raza Mujtaba Bakt Road No. 3 Aliganj, Gaya Member Father of Student 9431614915 9431614915
4 Naaz Perween Md.Shaukat Ali Road No. 3 New Karim,Gaya Member T.G.T Teacher of Elegant Public School 9162459307 6312220426
5 Ritu Anand Mahendra Das Bithosharif, Gaya Member T.G.T Teacher of Elegant Public School 9955402138 6312220426
6 Sana Perween Ahmed Hussian Millat Colony, Gaya Member T.G.T Teacher of Gyan Bharti World School 7250580976 7250580976
7 Nilofer Ashraf Ashraf Hussian Imran Colony,Karimganj,Gaya Member T.G.T Teacher of Subhas International School 8102768473 8102768473
8 Nayaz Mallick Saraj Mallick New Karimganj , Gaya Member 9835563356 9835563356
9 Dr.Wasoori Kamal Wasoori Ashoknagar, Gaya Member 9810489782 9810489782
10 Manish Kumar Dhirender Singh Manpur, Gaya Member 9934685607 9934685607
11 Suman Kumari Sarju Prasad Imalya Chak, Gaya Member 9852972905 9852972905
12 Tabassum Fatma Rasheed Khan Murarpur, Gaya Member 9945441825 9945441825
13 Usha Devi Shiv Shankar Maranpur, Gaya Member 9955836661 9955836661
14 Wali Imam Ali Imam Baniyapokhar,Gaya Member 7858989719 7858989719
15 Gazala Shahin S.M Aftab Alam Chowk Near Chandra Shekhar Azad College Member T.G.T, M.Sc, B.Ed Teacher in Crane Memorial School 9155469062 9155469062
16 Nibha Ojha Manoranjan Kumar GB Road, Gaya Member T.G.T Hindi Teacher in Gyan Bharti Global, Rasalpur, Gaya 9570369582 9570369582
17 Afiya Shakil Ahmed Shakil Ahmed Murarpur, Gaya Member M.Sc,B.Ed Teacher in Podar International, Gaya 7903683537 7903683537
18 Zeeshan Ahmed Nazinuddin New Karimganj, Gaya Member T.G.T Teacher of Elegant Public School 8789533247 8789533247
19 Ejaz Karim Md Sharafat Karim Road No.1 Aliganj,Gaya Member Principal of Shatabdi Public School 8986280501 8986280501
20 Anjani Kumar S. Kumar Bairagi, Gaya Member Principal of KV-I 0631-2223447 9431453849
21 Kamlesh Kumar Singh Dr.Parmanand Singh Ashoknagar, Gaya Member Principal of Modern Academy 9199559199 9199559199

NO of women (members) = 11

No of men (members) = 10

Total = 21

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